Health, Society

Publicly-funded drug plan under consideration

Canada is the only industrialized nation which has a publicly-funded, universal health care system but no national plan to cover medications. Some Canadian provinces and territories subsidize drug costs to varying degrees, sometimes to specific groups like seniors or low-income» 


Court ruling on Inuit consultation a ‘wake-up call’ for Canadian government says lawyer

A ruling by Canada’s Supreme Court this week that Inuit must be sufficiently consulted before projects affecting their communities are approved, will have important implications for future Arctic ventures, say those involved in the case. “We’re walking on cloud nine and so» 

Politics, Society

Public consultations begin to extend parental leave

The Canadian government is asking for input online on expanding the benefit payments that parents get when a baby is born. Currently, parental leave may replace part of a parent’s salary for 12 months. During the election campaign in 2015,»