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Toxic flame retardants replacing toxic flame retardants

For years medical scientists have been concerned about the addition of flame retardant chemicals into almost all consumer items, from fabrics in curtains, pyjamas, carpets, car seats and furniture, foam cushioning to televisions and other electronic devices. The chemical called »


Buying a vehicle: book offers advice

Canadians who want to buy a vehicle can benefit from the annual Lemon-Aid consumer guide and its co-author has advice for newcomers who may face particular obstacles. The book offers information about car and truck models between 2007 and 2018. »


Canadians warned to check their credit in light of recent hacks

The government’s Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is urging Canadians to order credit reports to make sure no one is fraudulently using their personal information. There are two credit bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax, which collect information about consumers’ credit history »

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Grocery shopping: How do you make your choices?

How do food shoppers make their choices…that’s the question being studied at the University of Guelph. A special type of lab to study the question has been created, in fact, it’s unique..possibly in the world. Michael von Massow is a »


Consumers plan to spend less this summer

Most Canadians take holidays in the summer months of July and August and many say that is when they are more likely to make unplanned and impulsive spending decisions on entertainment and fun. Summer vacation is a time when Canadians »


Long-term car loans risky for consumers: watchdog

Few Canadians pay cash for a car and often they take out loans for six to eight years, a practice called risky by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. This independent agency of the Canadian government works “to protect and »