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Pollution from Alberta oil sands affects regional weather processes: study

Tiny particles of metal contaminants from Alberta’s oil sands are carried over long distances and affect weather patterns in the surrounding regions, according to a new study. The study by Parisa Ariya, a professor of chemistry and atmospheric and oceanic »

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Canada: action to end lead (metal) contamination in water pipes

The federal agency Health Canada in March of this year revised its rating for safe level of  content in drinking water from 10 microgrammes per litre, to 5 microgrammes per litre. The province of Quebec announced today it will follow »

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Urban fishing in Montreal is fun: but should we eat the fish?

They say that some fishing enthusiasts in Quebec start to feel that urge when the trout season opens near the end of April after the waters are free of ice.  The nervous urge and other symptoms are said to be »

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Ontario environment report: Raw sewage, forest and wetland loss

A new report says untreated sewage is still flowing into the waterways of Canada’s second largest and most populated province. The Ontario Environmental Commissioner’s latests report indicated that raw sewage overflowed into the provinces waterways on over 1,300 occasions. 766 »

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Changing plastics strain recycling programs

Canada “among the most wasteful” “Canada is among one of the most wasteful countries in the world,” says Ashley Wallis of Environmental Defence, and although we recycle, the changing nature of waste is making that difficult. Total waste disposal amounted »

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Water containers may be making Arctic people sick: study

One of the highest rates of acute gastrointestinal illness occurs in Indigenous communities in the Canadian Arctic and researchers from the University of Guelph say that may have to do with containers. There are acute problems of access to clean »

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Microplastics, problem in Great Lakes, problem world-wide

Every time you wash your clothes, you are undoubtedly contributing to a growing worldwide problem. Most of our clothes contain a mixture of cotton and petro-chemical plastic-based fibres; acrylic, nylon, or polyester.  Every wash releases thousands of microscopic bits of »

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Radioactivity from the Fukushima disaster rising in Pacific Ocean, off BC’s coast

After the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused a nuclear accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant, in March 2011, water became contaminated by leeching radioactive material. A large plume of cesium particles spread across the Pacific Ocean »

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First Nations study to look at state of Indigenous food, nutrition, safety

To document some of the challenges facing Indigenous people in Canada, First Nations are collecting data for a Canada-wide study of Indigenous nutrition and traditional food and the impact of affordability and environmental contamination of food. The “First Nations Food, »