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Russia scores scientific point in quest for extended Arctic continental shelf

Russia has scored an important scientific point in its quest to declare vast swaths of the Arctic as part of its extended continental shelf in the rapidly melting northern ocean, according to Russian officials. The United Nations Commission on the »

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Canada to file Arctic continental shelf submission in 2019: Global Affairs Canada

The federal government plans to file its submission on the outer limits of Canada’s continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean in early 2019 and Ottawa’s submission is expected to overlap with both Russian and Danish submissions, according to officials with »

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Arctic Ocean composition is undergoing rapid change: study

U.S. scientists have found have found new evidence of significant changes in the chemical and biological composition of the Arctic Ocean that could fundamentally transform the local food chain. A new study published this week in the journal Science Advances suggests that climate change »

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Canada to submit its Arctic continental shelf claim in 2018

Canada plans to submit its Arctic continental shelf claim in 2018 and it is expected to include the North Pole, overlapping with both Russian and Danish submissions that also claim ownership of the planet’s northernmost point, according to Canadian officials. »

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What’s down there? Mapping the ocean floor

Canada, Ireland, and the US joint project A multi-national ocean mapping effort was announced this week. It’s the first effort of the Transatlantic Ocean Research Alliance, formed following the Galway Statement of 2013 on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation. Researchers from Memorial »