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More on the Macdonald controversy in Canada

In recent years there has been much media attention to groups seeking to change the historic narrative of the founder of Canada, Sir John A Macdonald. Because of his involvement in creating the residential school system there have been calls »


Canadian politician fights back against sex misconduct claims

The central province of Ontario is Canada’s second largest at over a million square kilometre. It is however the most populous and governing Ontario is serious business. An election is coming up in June in the province in which the »


Outrage in Canada over pronunciation of names at Olympics

The uproar over the pronunciation of the names of some of Canada’s hockey players at the Olympics speaks volumes about English French language tensions in this country. High-level politicians expressed outrage that a play-by-play announcer was told that some of »


Opposition calls on finance minister to resign

The leader of Canada’s official opposition Conservative Party, Andre Scheer has called on Finance Minister Bill Morneau to resign. And if he won’t resign, Scheer says the prime minister should remove him. This is the culmination of weeks of controversy »

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Remembering Canadians who fought in the U.S Civil War.

Even as debate rages about monuments to historical persons with tainted pasts, a new monument is being planned in Canada which might raise some eyebrows. It’s to be erected in part by a Canadian group calling themselves “The Grays and »

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Another historic Canadian figure under fire

He founded Halifax, but put a bounty on aboriginals. Edward Cornwallis, once an honoured figure in Canada’s history, has fallen into disrepute recently. Honoured for the creation of one of Canada’s major cities, which in turn led to the development »

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Criticism plagues council regulating immigration consultants

Canada has about 3,700 registered immigration consultants and there is criticism about the council that was created to oversee them, reports CBC news. The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council was created just over five years ago by the Canadian »

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Luxury home sales likely to spark controversy

Sales of luxury homes have declined in July and August in the western city of Vancouver while they have gone up in Toronto, according to Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. The news will likely add to the growing controversy over real »


Store apologizes for not printing breastfeeding photo

Wal-Mart has apologized for refusing a man who asked the store to print a photo of his wife nursing their baby. He wanted to frame the picture and give it to his wife, Kayla Andre for Mother’s Day. Controversies over breastfeeding pop »