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COVID-19: Calls to close wildlife markets as harbours for spreading infections

Researchers are calling for countries around the world to close wildlife markets, also known as ‘wet’ markets. These markets usually sell a wide variety of typically domesticated animals like pigs and chickens, with any number of wild animals including bats,» 

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COVID-19: Bringing out the good and the bad in people

In times of crisis, society usually comes together in a spirit of helping. Sadly there are also those who attempt to profit from the misfortune of others or otherwise attempt to take advantage of the situation for personal gain. On» 

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COVID-19 sweeps through Canadian economy

As cases of the novel coronavirus grow, so to the effects on business and the economy in sectors all across Canada. The airline industry has been hard hit with layoffs announced in almost all of Canada’s airlines as people are» 

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COVID emergency closes non-essential stores, except liquor and cannabis outlets

Canada’s two most populous provinces, Ontario and Quebec, have both declared health emergencies and have ordered all non-essential stores to close. This means most businesses in Ontario will shutter there operations for at least the next two weeks, and in» 

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Phone surveillance to comply with COVID-19 restrictions?

The idea for some might feel like edging another notch further to an Orwellian future. The idea that the police and/or security agencies would monitor your smart phone to ensure compliance with certain state requirements such as in this case,» 

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Thousands aboard cruise ships still seeking a port to accept them

It’s almost like something from a suspense sci-fi movie, or if you’re old enough, like an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. What started as relaxing dream vacations for thousands aboard cruise ships, has turned into almost a drama aboard what» 

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Beware of claims for COVID-19 protection

Amid a variety of scams surrounding the novel coronavirus, comes a warning from the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia. (CNPBC) The warning says that the College has become aware that some members are promoting certain treatments and/or supplements» 

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COVID-19: Panic buying includes rush on toilet paper

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a major societal effect as people are being quarantined, travel restricted, borders closed, schools closed, events cancelled, gatherings of all types cancelled, and stocks. In times of such almost unprecedented instability, people have been rushing» 

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The LINK Online, Mar. 13,14,15, 2020

Your hosts, Vincenzo, Terry, Marc. (video of show at bottom) Air pollution- a silent pandemic With the world pre-occupied by COVID-19, the deadly virus spreading around the world to become a declared pandemic, scientists say there’s a silent pandemic that’s» 


Update: Another international event falls victim to Covid-19

118,000 cases in 114 countries and 4,291 deaths. Now officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, the latest event to be cancelled because of the spreading virus is the World Figure Skating Championship set for Montreal starting next»