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Documentary exposes international tax injustice

Canadian tax specialist, Brigitte Alepin, has co-written a documentary which looks at the perils of international tax competition and injustice. Fast & Dangerous, a Race to the Bottom will premiere on October 15, 2020 at the World Tax Summit-TaxCOOP2020 , »


Airbnb enriching corporations, driving up rents, say advocates

Some of Airbnb most active accounts belong to large corporations managing up to 200 properties in multiple cities, according to a study by the public broadcaster, CBC. This echoes a McGill University report issued in August 2017 that concluded short »


Scant few women reach the top of corporate Canada

An analysis of Canada’s top 60 companies shows that not one of them was headed by a woman and two-thirds of them did not even include one woman among the top earners. There has been pressure on corporations to improve »

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Using tax havens is morally wrong, think most Canadians: survey

A recent survey suggests 90 per cent of Canadians believe it is morally wrong for large corporations to avoid paying taxes by using off-shore tax havens, even though the practice is legal. Information from the massive Paradise Papers leak and »

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Corporations pour billions more into tax havens

A citizens’ watchdog group says Canadian corporations have put at least $270 billion into tax havens over the past 15 years, most of it untaxed. Canadians for Tax Fairness used government statistics to determine that $40 billion flowed into the »

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Greens reject trade deals’ ‘affront to democracy’

The leader of the Green Party wants Canada to reject international trade agreements that allow corporations to sue governments.  Elizabeth May says the so-called Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (FIPAs) threaten democracy and infringe on sovereignty. Citizens protest the »

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Free trade has restructured corporate sector, slowed growth, raised inequality, says economist

Free trade agreements have little to do with freedom, says economist Jordan Brennan. “It’s led to the radical restructurinng in the corporate sector, which has slowed growth…and exacerbated inequality.” Brennan’s conclusions in his study “Ascent of Giants: NAFTA, Corporate Power »