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COVID-19: Calls grow to release non-violent prisoners

As fears grow about the effect COVID-19 will have on Canada’s prison system there are increasing calls to release non-violent prisoners and send them home. According to a 2019 report from Statistics Canada, there are nearly 39,000 people in federal, »

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Peaceful pressure pays off as prison farms reopen

From a distance, a gathering in front of of a federal prison near Kingston, Ontario last Thursday might not appear to be all that big a deal, but virtually everyone there would likely tell you they were celebrating a victory »

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Liberals introduce bill to change prison solitary confinement rules

The Canadian government has taken the first step to eliminating solitary confinement in federal prisons. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale introduced legislation Tuesday that would–among other things–overhaul how inmates are separated from the general prison population. Under the proposed plan, »