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Transgender prisoners to be accommodated

Changes are coming to Canada’s federal penitentiaries to assure the respect of the human rights of transgender offenders. Parliament recently changed the Canadian Human Rights Act to add “gender identity or expression” to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. This »


Prison ombudsman highlights ‘despair’ in penitentiaries

Canada’s new correctional investigator, Ivan Zinger has noted specific examples of what he calls misplaced or inappropriate conditions of confinement in Canadian penitentiaries. He is responsible for issuing an annual report on these facilities which hold inmates who must serve »


Prisons fail to detail inmate deaths for families: watchdog

Too often, when inmates die in federal penitentiaries their families are left frustrated and suspicious because they are not given enough information about what happened, found Canada’s prison watchdog. He has issued a report on the issue called “In the Dark.” »