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Chemicals in cosmetics not well tested or reported: audit

A Government program is not working as it should to protect consumers from harmful or prohibited chemicals in cosmetics, according to a federal audit. Environment commissioner Julie Gelfand found that the government health department does not regularly test cosmetics, companies »

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Cosmetics: more health concerns

You want to adhere to fashion and look good, but are those various moisturizers, lipsticks and other cosmetics as harmless and innocuous as you think? Perhaps not. Health Canada has issued an advisory on what it calls “leave on “ »

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Cosmetic claims of youthful skin, healthy hair: “It’s all baloney”

“Restores youthful skin..”; “gives healthy stronger hair…”, etc.  These are typical kinds of claims made by cosmetics firms to sell their products. To support such claims, the manufacturers often tout ingredient claims ranging from added vitamins, to age-repairing anti-oxidants, also often »