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New poll shows why affordability is an issue

The issue of “affordability” has become a major issue in the first week of Canada’s national election campaign. A new survey taken just after the election was officially announced this month shows that almost 40 per cent of Canadians say »

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Canada’s election: “Affordability” as a main voter concern

According to indicators, and the current government, Canada’s economy is doing well, and unemployment is at all time lows. Yet, national surveys have repeatedly shown Canadians don’t feel secure about their financial future or prospects. In spite of the figures, »

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Your hosts, Lynn, Terry and Marc (Note the show will be taking a break during the summer- other interesting subjects will be available on the weekends; Video of this week’s show at bottom.  As always, full versions of the show »

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Canadians biggest concerns: personal finances, cost of living

A new online poll of some 4,500 Canadians lists financial issues as their main concern as we head towards an October general election. The wide-ranging poll commissioned by Canada’s public broadcaster CBC shows a disconnect between what financial statistics show, »

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Canada’s biggest city: more people edging toward hunger

In spite of being Canada’s busiest and most populous region, more people in the city of Toronto and surrounding urban boroughs, are going hungry. The Daily Bread Food Bank, the North York Harvest Food Bank and 170 member agencies in »