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Canadian farmers continued concern about carbon tax

Even before the federal government announced its carbon tax as a measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, farmers were concerned about how it would negatively affect them. In this first year, farmers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and »

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Majority of Canadians concerned about rising food cost

An end of year survey by Dalhousie University of Halifax shows some 87 per cent of Canadians feel food costs are rising faster than incomes. The Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University together with the polling firm Angus Reid Institute, »

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Rental costs across Canada: Prices increase while unit size decreases

A new survey of average costs of rental housing shows the most expensive area in Canada is Toronto. In fact, according to Rentals.ca commissioned survey from Bullpen Research, while Toronto proper has the highest cost, nine of the top ten »

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Young Canadians priced out of home buying

A new report basically confirms what a lot of young Canadians already know. They can’t afford to buy a home. The report by Sutton Eaves and Dr. Paul Kershaw of UBC’s School of Population and Public Health shows that house »

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Oil and gas well clean-up costs up to $70 billion

It could be a huge financial blow to the oil and gas industry.  An association of landowners, environmental groups, researchers, and academics have released a report they say shows the cost of cleaning up old well sites in the province »

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Used Aussie jets to cost millions more than earlier estimate

Canada had been contemplating the replacement of its ageing CF-18 fighter jets, when it became embroiled in a trade tiff between Boeing and Bombardier.  The federal government in support of Bombardier then backed out of a plan to replace its »

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Costs of migrant “irregular” entry and asylum claims

Documents recently obtained by Post Media show that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP) Canada’s national police force, has spent $6.6 million over two years dealing with migrants crossing into Canada from the U.S. away from border control points. Almost »

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Another major sports event host backs out

The officially bilingual province of New Brunswick has backed out of hosting the international Francophone games. Known as the “Jeux de la Francophonie” the combined cities of Moncton-Dieppe had planned to host the games in 2021, but now say the »

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Rising pharmaceutical costs renew calls for solutions

Prescription drug costs are expected to cost Canadians over $33 billion dollars this year. A Toronto, Ontario doctor and researcher says it’s time for a “pharmacare” programme, among other solutions which could keep costs down. Dr Iris Gorfinkel (M.D.) is »

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Moose cull in Nova Scotia questioned, and high cost

(public commenting open on all RCI stories- comments will be posted after moderating) Canada’s national parks service, Parks Canada is receiving some backlash for a moose culling programme. Called “Bring Back the Boreal” (forest), to pilot project involves a moose »