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Disaster costs increasing worldwide: UN

A United Nations report found that between 1998 and 2017, disasters cost affected countries $2.245 billion US and 77 per cent of that was climate-related. Overall reported losses from extreme weather events rose by 151 per cent between that period »


Back to school shopping: Costs increasing every year

Latest figures show a doubling in expense In 2016, surveys showed that sending a child to school cost parents about $450 for each child. Figures for 2017 showed that amount had almost doubled to about $880. The 2017 survey was »

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Taxing residents for disaster costs

Power utility seeks new tax to cover disaster losses How often have you heard that an insurance company won’t or doesn’t cover certain “acts of god”, things like storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and do on. Now, a electric power company in »

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Penny ends, rounding begins, profits made

It turns out, it’s what many people suspected all along. When the federal government phased out the use of the one-cent coin in 2013, many people thought it would benefit business to the detriment of consumers, as business would “round-up” »

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Canada: When a house earns more than you

The title may be a bit confusing at first, so we’ll explain. Canadian housing has long been criticized as being greatly overpriced. Generally house prices had more or less followed general salary rates and inflation, so as a very rough »

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Women, the poor spend more on aging parent care

Care of an aging parent is costing Canadians $33 billion a year and that number will grow, according to a new report by a major Canadian bank, CIBC. The sum is a calculation of direct out-of-pocket expenses and time off »

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High rental costs and the “hollowing out” of city centres

Two of Canada’s major cities have long been in the news for skyrocketing house costs. Both Toronto, Canada’s biggest city and urban area, and Vancouver on the west coast, have made international headlines for the ever increasing costs to buy »

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Ontario cap and trade,energy costs : slow death of an industry

The concept was heralded with much fanfare. Ontario would join Quebec and California in an emmissions cap and trade programme. The idea is to reduce greenhouse gases by penalizing those polluting industries and benefit those which reduce their emmissions. Caught »

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You probably can’t afford to live here ( or there)

For years there have been concerns about the skyrocketing prices of housing in Canada, especially in the major cities, and most especially in Toronto and Vancouver A new annual study of world cities and housing markets has now placed Vancouver »

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Biofuels: time to end taxpayer subsidies

A new report by an expert group of economists says taxpayer-funded government subsidies of the ethanol industry cost more than the benefits it provides. The study by the cross-partisan, privately funded group known as the Ecofiscal Commission, said federal and »