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Protests continue over Nestle pumping and sale of ground water

(comments open: to read or post comments scroll to bottom of page) Permit expired, but pumping continues People in and around the west-central Wellington County in Ontario held a protest this weekend at the controversial Nestle wellsite of the Middlebrook »

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TPP free trade: opposition from Canadians?

TPP talks continue this week in Australia As the Canadian government continued it’s process of free trade talks known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it had embarked on a public consultation process.   Part of that involved an ability for citizens »

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Update- Corporate ownership of water-opposition

Ontario township becoming focal point for world concern over water rights The central western region of Ontario is becoming a major focal point in what is becoming a global concern over who controls fresh water resources. For years local residents »

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Anti-globalization French activist allowed to stay in Canada

Anti-globalization activist and European Parliament MP José Bové who was denied entry to Canada on Tuesday has been allowed to stay in Canada after all. Bové, who had arrived in Montreal for a speaking engagement at the invitation of the »

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Canada, and the world’s, water crisis Pt-3

Who owns the water? Trans-national giants buy up water rights for very little, and make enormous profit while putting the future supplies in danger. Maude Barlow’s new book looks at what is happening in Canada and around the world.  It’s »

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CETA- free trade study refutes government optimism

The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) is a free trade deal between Canada and the nations of the European Union. Worked out between the previous Stephen Harper led Conservative Party government , the deal is being promoted with equal enthusiasm »

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Noted nationalist and author Mel Hurtig dead at 84

Mel Hurtig, a prolific writer and ardent Canadian nationalist, has died at the age of 84. Surrounded by his four daughters, Hurtig passed away Wednesday of pneumonia at a Vancouver hospital. Likely best known as the publisher of “The Canadian »

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A call for water funding and a dedicated minister

March 22 is World Water Day. It is also budget day in Canada and the Council of Canadians is calling on the government to budget $7.4 billion to expand the protection of water. The citizens’ group wants the new prime »

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CETA: trade deal closer to implementation, but opposition continues

The international trade deal between the EU and Canada is known as CETA or Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement. Begun under the previous Conservative government in Canada, it has continued with the present Liberal government and is moving closer to implementation. »

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Council of Canadians, students’ federation challenge ‘anti-democratic’ election law

Calling changes to Canada’s election laws “profoundly anti-democratic” the Council of Canadians, the Canadian Federation of Students, and three individual electors are turning to the Ontario Superior Court to challenge the changes made this past June. They suggest amendments to »