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Military deploying to the border to help set up COVID-19 test centres

The Canadian military is being deployed to the Canada-U.S. border to help set up COVID-19 test centres that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is currently creating at 16 border crossings.  The military assistance includes sending some service members »


Job losses in January are most in Canada since the pandemic hit in the spring

As the vaccine rollout lags and COVID-19’s lethal variants–increasingly–make their presence felt, Canada’s economy has taken a hit for the second month in a row. It was a big one. Statistics Canada reported today the economy lost 213,000 jobs in »

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Procurement minister says millions of AstraZenica doses could be coming soon

There may be some good news for disgruntled Canadians exasperated with the country’s lagging COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  Canadian Press is reporting today that Canada could get more than one million additional vaccine doses by the end of March. CP’s Mia »

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Couple draws scorn and fines after jumping B.C.’s vaccine queue in Yukon

In a story reported around the world, including Washington D.C, where there is no shortage of news these days, a Vancouver couple–a millionaire casino executive and his wife, an aspiring actress–were fined last week after travelling hundreds of miles to »

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Vaccine rollout expected to dominate debate as House of Commons resumes sitting

The House of Commons resumes sitting today following a six week break. Since MPs last met, COVID-19 has continued to dominate Canadians’ lives and that’s where members’ collective focus is expected to fall, especially the sputtering rollout of vaccines. Deliveries »

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The pandemic: a homeless man freezes to death as politicans broach a travel ban

As people in Montreal try to process the death of a homeless man who froze to death last Sunday, Canada appears to be inching closer and closer to banning all but non-essential travel in and out of the country–a ban »

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Canadian snowbirds keep heading south despite warnings and the pandemic

Despite the pandemic–or maybe because of it–a whole lot of Canadians are heading south to sunny foreign destinations in and around the Caribbean these days, even as government officials and public health experts say everybody would be a whole lot »

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Pfizer reduces vaccine deliveries to Canada as COVID cases continue to climb

As new modelling paints a grim picture of where Canada’s COVID-19 pandemic is headed, the country’s already sluggish efforts to get vaccines out to Canadians suffered a jolt today. Procurement Minister Anita Anand announced that production issues in Europe will temporarily »


First ministers meet to try to juice Canada’s lagging vaccine rollout

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his provincial and territorial counterparts were set to meet virtually today. They are expected to focus on how Canada can pick up the pace of its COVID-19 vaccination campaign–a campaign that Trudeau said in December »

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Canada reels as the COVID-19 virus continues its cross-country assault

COVID-19 continues to batter Canada as the virus’s infection rate shows no signs of abating. After going several days without reporting fresh figures, federal officials released new data on Sunday. It showed that just over two weeks after passing 500,000 »