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Canada: Renewed calls for contact tracing app but effectiveness uncertain

Quebec latest to adopt federal app Canada released its COVID tracing app in July where it was first picked up in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. Ontario is one of the provinces hardest hit by the virus. Adoption of the »

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Ontario government reacts to increase in COVID cases

The Premier of Ontario on several occasions has sharply criticised citizens who are not obeying the health restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The province had been slowly moving towards  fewer restriction and is in what was called »


Canadian economy: Indications that a recovery from COVID has stalled

In spite of massive emergency federal funding for individuals and business and in spite of what appeared to be the start of a healthy recovery in mid-summer, it now appears that has stalled. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) »


COVID-19 frustrations: Abuse, threats against health officials, polticians

With the arrival of the pandemic and rapid increase in positive cases and deaths, politicians on the advice of their health officials, instituted lockdowns  and other restrictions. Many people, in spite of government emergency funding programmes, have found themselves in »

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Canada’s largest city cancels all city-led events to the end of the year

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, virtually all major events across the country were cancelled this year. This includes parades, festivals, large ethnic and religious celebrations, fairs, exhibitions and sporting events. The loss of these events has »

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The COVID grinch that may have stolen a big Christmas event in Toronto

it may be that another major annual event in Canada’s biggest city has become a victim of COVID-19. The Toronto Christmas market is modelled loosely on European Christmas markets such as Germany’s Chriskindlesmarkts. This was to be the 11th year »


‘Twindemic’: Doctors urgent call for help with flu vaccines during COVID-19

As COVID-19 testing continues and numbers of positive cases are on the increase. doctors are urging that people who don’t exhibit symptom don’t line up for tests. At the same time, flu season is arriving with symptoms similar to COVID. »

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Reinvented: shipping containers as COVID safe visitation rooms for care homes

Old shipping containers have been repurposed for many other unusual uses, not the least of which is to be converted into actual homes. With the arrival of COVID-19, many long term care homes (LTC) across the country were forced to »

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Canadians donating less due to COVID and WE Charity scandal, survey

A new survey by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute seems to reinforce what charities have been saying: Canadians are giving less since the pandemic began. This is even as the need for various charitable services has increased during this time. »

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Food unlikely to transmit COVID-19, says Canada’s food inspection agency

A notice this week from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says there is no evidence that food or food packaging can transmit SARS-CoV2 . It says that there have been no reported cases of food or packaging being associated »