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Is Canada running out of COVID vaccine already?

The answer to that question is, it depends who you ask, the federal government, or some provincial Premiers. On a per capita basis, Canada has contracted for more doses of COVID-19 vaccines than any other country, in fact some 200 »

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Canada wants thousands of blood samples for COVID survey

Thousands of Canadians are being somewhat surprised to find a strange package in the mail from a government agency asking for a blood sample. The official statistics gathering agency Statistics Canada as been mailing out some 48,000 blood testing ‘kits’ »

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More Canadians ready and willing to get COVID-19 vaccines: survey

The rush to get vaccines to combat COVID-19 has left many wondering about the safety of the medicine and possible side effects. In past surveys of Canadians there had been a substantial percentage of resistance with some saying they will »

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The “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” plans for 2021

While such major international summer events such as the Tokyo Olympics are in danger of being postponed again this year due to COVID-19, in Canada the event that bills itself as the ‘greatest outdoor show on Earth’ is looking into »

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What are you looking forward to when pandemic ends?: Survey

After some ten months of COVID restrictions and lockdowns, the issue of so-called, ‘COVID-fatigue’ has become reality. This is when people are simply fed up with the restrictions and are longing for a return to ‘normal’, or at least something »


The physical effects of having COVID-19: Survey

With so much concern over the SARS-CoV2 virus spreading, a survey conducted by the firm Leger360 for the Canadian Press sought out those who actually tested positive for the virus and asked how it affected them.. Over the course of »


COVID-19 Lockdown in Ontario for Christmas and beyond

Canada’s most populous province will be under a province-wide lockdown starting on 12:01 on December 26.. Premier Doug Ford made the announcement in the presence of the ministers of health and education, as well as the province’s chief medical officer »


Rude? Racist? No mail as fed up postal workers quit

It seems the COVID situation has been stressing out many people and for a variety of reasons. There have been incidents of rudeness, even physical attacks related to wearing of masks for example. Another incident involved a nasty confrontation after »

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COVID-19- new mutation spreading in U.K.

Even as vaccines are beginning to become available and distributed against COVID-19, medical officials are advising of a version spreading in southern England that has key mutations. The Coronvirus Group in Britain ( COG-UK) reports it is investigating a newly »

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Canadians largely in favour of COVID lockdowns, survey

With COVID-19 case numbers rising across Canada, and even as vaccines were about to become available, a new survey shows Canadians largely in favour of lockdowns to slow the spread of the virus. This comes also as small many small »