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Government provides COVID-delayed fiscal update: $343 billion deficit

Normally the federal finance minister would provide the budget in the spring and an update sometime in the fall. The COVID crisis changed that as a massive shutdown of the economy to prevent the spread of the virus resulted in »

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Idea of a guaranteed basic income resurfaces due to virus: Cost up to $98B

The  idea of a ‘guaranteed basic income’ for every Canadian in need has been around for years, but with the pandemic throwing millions of Canadians out of work, it has once again gained popularity. It was recently suggested again by »

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WHO halts certain COVID-19 drug trials

After initial hopes, the World Health Organisation has discontinued trials of two drugs in the effort against SARS CoV-2. Trials with the malaria drug  hydroxychloroquine along with other trials of the HIV combination lopinavir/ritonavir have been ended after early results showed they »

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Toronto  makes masks obligatory; soon elsewhere in much of Ontario

Canada’s largest city has followed through on a health recommendation and voted to make mask wearing mandatory in all public buildings. Days after the city made masks mandatory on public transit, council voted yesterday to extend the order to all »

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Canadian military plane turns back over COVID concern

It’s now become known that a Canadian Armed Forces passenger jet with troops headed to the NATO mission in Latvia was tuned around mid-flight last week. The CC-150 Polaris was carrying some 70 soldiers and crew when it was discovered »

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Canada preparing a national COVID-19 patient tracking app

Yesterday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that a national cellphone app will be available to track people who’ve tested positive for the virus and warn others of a potential risk. Using Bluetooth code between phones, it will then alert others »

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COVID and the Canadian economy, ‘deep hole’ says central bank governor

The newly installed Bank of Canada Governor, Tiff Macklem, in his first public statement has indicated recovery is still a long way off for the country. On Tuesday he said the central bank for the moment is focussed on “monetary »

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COVID-19: No singing, dancing allowed in Ontario

No,’happy birthday’, no ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow’, no, ‘row row row your boat’ Provinces across Canada are slowly starting to relax restrictions due to the COVID-19 virus. This includes Ontario, the most populous province by far which has »

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COVID-19: ‘Virus fatigue’- protection measures and concerns weakening

After three months of lockdowns and rules about staying home and social distancing, it seems more people are starting to ignore the advice. Although infection cases seem to be on a decline, health officials are still advising on things like »


Ontario easing restrictions on weddings, funerals

These are two events in people’s lives which normally bring family and friends together in shared and greatly emotional occasions of either joy or sorrow.  But with the arrival of COVID-19 and the emergency lockdowns, these important shared  moments have »