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Big carbon tax bill for funerals shocks families

Two grieving families in the province of Alberta were charged an extra $100 fee as a carbon tax on the cremation of their loved ones. After the CBC special investigative unit Go Public inquired, the Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services »

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Les Sentiers, a cemetery with a difference

Les Sentiers, which translates to footpaths, or trails in English, is the name of a cemetery just north of Montreal, that offers an alternative to the traditional rows of headstones or plaques. “felt anything but like a cemetery” Opened seven »

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Politician calls for green burials

“Human composting” should be encouraged as an alternative to the current ways Canadians treat bodies after death, say a politician in western Canada. Canadian Press (CP) reports the leader of the Green Party in the province of Manitoba, James Beddome »