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UN’s Guterres must step down, says former Canadian ambassador 

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres should absolutely not serve a second five-year term, says former Canadian Ambassador to the UN Stephen Lewis. In a blistering statement, he and his Co-Director of the Code Blue Campaign Paula Donovan say that Guterres »

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Soldiers’ memorial to fallen Canadians in Afghanistan not open to families, veterans

‘An Insult’: Families of fallen and veterans not invited to dedication (public comments open on all stories- will be added after moderating) It was a memorial built by Canadian Forces members in Afghanistan to honour their fallen comrades and was »

Internet, Science & Technology

Consumers risk being sued for online criticism

A Canadian woman posted some negative comments on the internet about a restoration company in Ottawa and now the company is threatening to sue her for damage to its reputation. Under Canada’s criminal law, “a defamatory libel is matter published, »


Prime Minister Trudeau’s India trip, not playing so well

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his family are on a government sponsored trip to India. He was already facing some criticism back-home for the very light business side of the trip which has been seen by many as a »

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Olympic skater gets trolled

This is the kind of story that breaks my heart. After years of intensive training and the incredible dedication it takes to win a gold medal at the Olympics, a top athlete gets nasty comments on the internet. The Globe »