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Food or cannabis? Farming questions in Canada

When the Liberal government of Canada legalised recreational use of cannabis late last year, it created a whole new industry virtually overnight. One aspect has been a massive rise in greenhouse building and conversion of former manufacturing plants into commercial »

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‘Super-weeds’- a new and growing problem for farming

You’ve heard of antibiotic resistant “super-bugs”, now we have herbicide resistant “super-weeds” We have long been hearing about the very serious concern of anti-biotic resistant bacteria, but farmers around the world are facing a similar type of problem. Weeds are »

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Warning from the U.N. – the future of bees is the future of food

World Bee Day You may have missed it but this past Monday was the second annual “World Bee Day”. In announcing the day last year, initiated by Slovenia, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Director-General José Graziano da Silva »

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Ontario farmers vs. the weather

Not enough rain last year, too much this year Scientists have been saying for years that an effect of climate change is that extremes in weather will get more extreme. Ontario farmers would agree.  Last year, the major concern was »

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Scientists: GE foods safe, but no real advantage

Will it change anyone’s mind? Possibly not, but an influential American scientific panel has released a report saying genetically engineered (GE) food is safe to eat. However the report also says the GE crops have not lived up to their »

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Canadian GMO soy producers, EU, and the CETA trade deal

The national association representing the soybean industry in Canada wants to know why the European Union is delaying approval of genetically modified soy products. Soy Canada sent a letter to the European Commission requesting a formal explanation for the EU »

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Unique genetically modified crop, and many questions discovered

Genetically engineered (or genetically modified) crops are touted not only as being safe, but also beneficial. Two widely grown commercial crops have been recently genetically developed to create long-chain omega fatty acids in them. This is unique in that previous »

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Ontario farmland: threatened by urban sprawl

Southern Ontario is the most heavily populated area in Canada. The region is colloquially known as the “Golden Horseshoe”, the relatively prosperous area stretching from just east of Toronto, around the end of Lake Ontario, through Hamilton to St Catharines »

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For farmers, this is the place!

Farmers are always looking for ways to become more efficient, and produce better products, from milk, to corn to eggs and so on. To do that they need to know what new equipment and technology is available to them. They »