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COVID-19: Canada extends ban on cruise ships.

Late last week the Canadian government announced it was extending the ban on cruise ships coming to Canada.  The move will now extend the ban until the end of February 2021. The huge cruise ship industry worldwide has been extremely »

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Thousands aboard cruise ships still seeking a port to accept them

It’s almost like something from a suspense sci-fi movie, or if you’re old enough, like an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. What started as relaxing dream vacations for thousands aboard cruise ships, has turned into almost a drama aboard what »

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Canadian travellers, and others, finding difficulty in returning home

The COVID situation has hit many travellers and vacationers who were abroad as the virus hits crisis proportions. International travel has been restricted even as cross border travel is also tightened. Canada’s airline Westjet announced in a news release that »


Small town, big cruise ship season expected

I am willing to bet most Canadians did not know Saint John in the eastern province of New Brunswick is an increasingly popular cruise ship destination. It is a small town with a population of 67,575, according to 2016 statistics. »

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Arctic cruises are risky business, says author

Climate change means melting ice will make it possible for cruise ships to go through the Northwest Passage in a few months, but Michael Byers says such voyages carry risks and are bad for the environment. Byers is a lawyer »