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Canada’s electronic spy agency hacking into computers, phones around the world

Canada’s electronic spy agency, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE or CSEC), has developed a vast arsenal of cyberwarfare tools to hack into computers and phones in many parts of the world, according to a report published by Canada`s national public »

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Around the world against mass surveillance, ‘The Day We Fight Back’

Recent revelations about surveillance of citizens in Canada and elsewhere by such organisations as the Communications Security Establishment of Canada (CSEC) and its U.S. counterpart the National Security Agency (NSA) have raised troubling questions and resistance from civil liberties groups. »

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Canadian surveillance: If everyone is a suspect, how free are you?

News this week that Canada’s electronic intelligence gathering agency CSEC used information from the free internet service at a major Canadian airport to track the wireless devices of thousands of ordinary airline passengers has raised more questions about surveillance in »

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Canadian intelligence agency CSEC tracked thousands through airport’s free Wi-Fi

Canada’s electronic spy agency CSEC used information from the free internet service at a major Canadian airport to track the wireless devices of thousands of ordinary airline passengers for days after they left the terminal, according to a report by »

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Intelligence agency CSEC admits Canadians’ communications ‘incidentally’ intercepted

Canada’s intelligence gathering agency, Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) has admitted on its website: “we may incidentally intercept Canadian communications or information” but adds CSEC “takes steps to protect the privacy of that information”. On its website, on the page »

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Canada’s CSEC set up spy posts for NSA around the world

Canada has set up covert spying posts around the world at the request of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) according to a new report broadcast Monday (December 9) by Canada’s national public television broadcaster CBC. CBC journalist Greg Weston, »

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Canadian broadcaster releases Snowden NSA document on G8, G20 summit surveillance

Canada’s national public broadcaster CBC released a document Monday (December 2) which was the basis of last week’s report that Canada allowed widespread surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) during the 2010 G8 and G20 summits in Canada. CBC »

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Canadian government refuses to confirm U.S. surveillance of G20 summit in Canada

The day after a news report about U.S. surveillance in Canada of a G20 summit in 2010, a Canadian government minister and the head of Canada’s intelligence gathering agency CSEC refused to answer whether the surveillance had actually occurred. John »

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Brazil’s president furious over spying, Canada looking into matter

Allegations that Canada’s Communications Security Establishment of Canada (CSEC) spied on Brazil’s Mines and Energy Ministry continue to raise questions in both countries. On Sunday (October 6) a Brazilian television reported on the spying. The Globo TV network worked on »