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Whose junk food is it anyway?

Claims of “cultural appropriation” of poutine It seems the conflicts over the contentious isse of “cultural appropriation” is now involving a fast food dish in Canada. Poutine, a mix of fried potato chips, a brown gravy, and cheese curds, was »


‘Shockingly racist’ student costume party sparks online debate

A costume party by undergraduate students at Queen’s University in Ontario has sparked a heated online debate on the meaning of racism, cultural appropriation and political correctness. Photographs circulating on social media show mostly white Queen’s students in Kingston, dressed »

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Political correctness cancels free yoga classes

“Cultural appropriation”, and then, language issues Since 2008, Jennifer Scharf has been giving free yoga lessons at the University of Ottawa, that is until this year. Yoga instructor Jennifer Scharf- “people are just looking for a reason to be offended” »