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COVID-19 cure? Major international efforts underway

Laboratories and researchers around the world are desperately working to find a cure for this new and deadly virus. As of Monday morning, there were at least 350,000 known cases of infection world-wide with more than 15,000 deaths according to» 

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Beware of claims for COVID-19 protection

Amid a variety of scams surrounding the novel coronavirus, comes a warning from the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia. (CNPBC) The warning says that the College has become aware that some members are promoting certain treatments and/or supplements» 

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HIV-AIDS: Second patient “cured” but not yet a cure

An American patient in Berlin who was suffering from HIV-AIDS, was cured some years ago, and now comes news that a second patient in London, England, has also been cured-i.e, now seems to be completely free of the disease. In»