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LifeLabs pays ransom after cyberattack exposes information of 15M customers

The Canadian laboratory testing company LifeLabs says it made a ransom payment to cybercriminals who managed to hack into the company’s computer systems to steal sensitive information of millions of customers. In a letter to customers, LifeLabs president Charles Brown wrote »

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Canada and allies accuse Russia of ‘malicious cyber-operations’

Canada and several of its key Western allies on Thursday accused Russia’s military intelligence service of a litany of ‘malicious cyber-operations’ including the hacking of the Canadian-based world anti-doping body and an attempt to hack into the chemical weapons watchdog »

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NATO could invoke collective defence if attacked in cyberspace, Stoltenberg warns

NATO could trigger its collective defence mechanism if faced with a devastating cyberattack, the alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday. “NATO takes cyberthreats very seriously because we have seen more and more cyberattacks,” Stoltenberg told reporters in Ottawa during »


Electronic spy agency warns of growing cyber threat to Canada’s democratic process

Canada’s electronic spy agency issued a stark warning Friday that foreign nations, hacktivist groups, criminals and simply thrill seekers pose a growing threat as they strive to influence or undermine the country’s democratic process. The new report, released by the »

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News of Russian hacking in U.S. election called ‘explosive’

The head of the British Secret Intelligence Service has added his voice to U.S. officials’ complaints about Russian cyber-interference in domestic political affairs. U.S. Central Intelligence officials recently said Russia had intervened in the presidential election campaign with the specific »


Canadians ever more internet connected

A new report shows that while Canadians are concerned about cyber security, they are using more internet-connected devices. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) reports in its annual Internet Factbook that the number of Canadian households with five or more »