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Critically-ill patients cycle to save muscle strength

A Canadian study has determined that it is safe to have patients in intensive care hospital units cycle while lying in their beds. Further study will determine whether that will improve their prospects for a good recovery. ‘Bed rest is» 


Video shows cyclist hit by door

Video from a nearby shop captured Chelsea Mobishwash cycling down a major thoroughfare in downtown Toronto, the door of a truck opening and knocking her off her bike. The accident occurred on August 26 as she was riding to work,» 


Hardy or crazy? More people cycling in winter

There seem to be two kinds of Canadians: those who hate winter and avoid going outdoors, and those who enjoy being outside and take pride in meeting the challenges of harsh weather. And that extends to cyclists. Thousands of Canadians» 


Bicycle ‘Love Stories’

It started when she said “nice bike” to a cyclist. The stories she heard after that convinced Christine Bruce this was something she wanted to pursue and share. After interviewing more than 150 people, she’s now released a book called»