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New research is more bad news for North America’s embattled right whales

A new study has confirmed more dangers for embattled right whales off North America’s East Coast. The research found that current speed restrictions for ships moving through Canadian waters will not prevent the whales from being killed if they are »

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Food prices going up in Canada, salaries not so much

Food prices in Canada are expected to increase by three to five per cent in 2021, according to an annual report from Dalhousie and other Canadian universities. For the same year, salaries for non-unionized employees are only expected to go »

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Marine mammals may be at risk of COVID from humans; study

While there have been indications that this pandemic spread from animals to humans, a new study shows humans could spread it to marine mammals. Dalhousie University in Halifax looked at the process by which the virus invades human cells by »


‘The final closet’: Researcher seeks solutions for long-term care for LGBTQ seniors

A Halifax researcher is heading across Canada this fall in an effort to find solutions to the fear among many LGBTQ seniors that if they go into long-term care, discrimination may force them back into the closet. By Shaina Luck, »

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High-tech helmets set to play bigger role in Canadian football

When played well, North American football can be thrilling. Alas, it is also violent, filled with blows and hits that can take a heavy toll on players’ bodies, especially their heads. And for the past 20 years or so, the »

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Frailty is a key risk for dementia, say researchers

A new study has found that frailty is a key risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Frailty was determined by tallying things like fitness, chronic illness, mobility and ability to function. The study was a »

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Nova Scotia moving to make amends to the Mi’kmaq nation

This story began thousands of years ago when a people now known as the Mi’kmaq nation, roamed much of what came to be called Eastern Canada. They lived peacefully, working the land, hunting and fishing to survive. Then the white »

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Are automobile tire dumps bound for extinction? Read on!

Anybody want to take a long shot and imagine all those ugly, toxic automobile tire dumps that defile our landscape disappearing? Skill testing question: What is this kid looking for? Go for it! It could very well happen because of »

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Canada takes another step towards becoming a world-leader in oceans research

It was a big day for ocean research this past Wednesday, June 5th.  A huge new and very unique Oceans Sciences research building was dedicated at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Doug Wallace, is the Canada Excellence Research Chair »