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Newly identified threat from e-cigarettes, vaping

It was one of Canada’s first cases of lung problems associated with “vaping”. Now doctors have released findings to show this may be the first case of a different and potentially deadly illness associated with e-cigarette use which differs from »

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Constant exposure to ambient noise and your health

It’s known that extremely loud noises can damage your hearing, but we’re becoming aware that constant levels of noise below damaging levels can have other health effects. Tor Oiamo (PhD) is an assistant professor, Ryerson University in the Department of »

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Severe storms incite insurers to warn homeowners

Insurance companies are paying out so much money for damage caused by climate-change-related storms that they are asking homeowners to take precautions. They suggest people make sure their roofs are in good condition and that they maintain their properties on »

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Winter road salt slowly killing a lake.

You wouldn’t know to look at the beautiful lake which borders the city of Sudbury in northern Ontario, but the lake is in crisis. The small city of over 160,000 is billed as the “city of lakes” but gets much »

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Unusual weather cost $57 million in insured damage

U.S. President Donald Trump may not believe human activity is causing climate change but Canada’s insurance industry certainly does. ‘Climate change is causing severe weather’ “Climate change is causing severe weather events more frequently throughout the year, especially storms involving »

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Wild boars in western Canada: “ecological trainwreck”

It was another case of a theoretically good idea, which has turned out to be highly problematic in reality. Wild boars were imported to the western province of Saskatchewan in the late 1980’s to early 90’s as part of an »

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Ontario farmers vs. the weather

Not enough rain last year, too much this year Scientists have been saying for years that an effect of climate change is that extremes in weather will get more extreme. Ontario farmers would agree.  Last year, the major concern was »

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New research to help in response to natural disaster relief and more

Research at the University of New Brunswick has developed a vastly improved method to detect changes on the earth, whether natural, or in cities. It’s believed this will greatly aid in delivering help to cities, or any area hit by »


Tenants kept livestock, left $30,000+ in damage

Simon Andrew told CBC news that when he first met them, his new tenants “seemed very respectable, nice people.” But he soon discovered that the tenants were bringing animals inside the three-bedroom home he had rented to them in Kingston, »

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Electronics-screen time: harmful to eyesight? Or not?

Electronic devices now dominate our lives. At work we might spend several hours staring at the screen, at other times we’re staring at mobile phone screens, and laptops and tablet screens. And then of course there are television screens as »