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Newly identified threat from e-cigarettes, vaping

It was one of Canada’s first cases of lung problems associated with “vaping”. Now doctors have released findings to show this may be the first case of a different and potentially deadly illness associated with e-cigarette use which differs from »

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Laws needed to protect against exotic pets, says non-profit

The international group, World Animal Protection is calling on provincial governments to pass stronger regulations to protect against the many exotic pets owned by Canadians. The group says many exotic pets have escaped and caused serious harm and even death.  »

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Food additive warning applies to Canada, says environmental group

A U.S. association of pediatric experts warns there is increasing evidence that chemicals used to preserve, colour and package may contribute to disease and disability and children are particularly vulnerable. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says the regulatory system »

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Police must stop posing as journalists, says professor

Intelligence agents and police sometimes pose as journalists in order to trap or capture suspects but that practice puts journalists at risk, says Peter Klein, an associate professor at the University of British Columbia. He is also the founder and »

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New laws for recreational drone use

The small recreational drones have experienced rapid development and equally rapid popularity. In Canada, as elsewhere, there have been a number of incidents and accidents that have caused concern. People have been using them to spy into apartment buildings and »

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Russian arrested in Toronto for scary stunts.

His name is apparently Oleg Cricket, born in Siberia. The acrobat and stuntman is widely known for death-defying stunts on Instagram where he has about 300,000 followers. The energy drink company Red Bull which promotes adrenalin-filled events and heart-stopping exploits, »


Social media to warn of lasers pointed at planes

The Canadian government will launch a social media campaign to try to stop the increasing cases of people shining lasers at airplanes, reports Canadian Press. The department of transport warns the lights can cause glare, temporary blindness and distract the »


Tweet warns ‘morons’ off dangerous coast

People seem to be unable to resist getting close to the sea, even though signs warn of the risk. © CBC There is something that draws people to the ocean at Peggy’s Cove even though danger signs warn that rogue waves »