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Ayres’s legacy: NHL keeps emergency goalie rule

In a burst of sanity, National Hockey League general managers have decided there will be no change in the protocol that applies to emergency goalies. It stays as it is. Following 42-year-old David Ayres’s sensational leap into the North American »

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David Ayres: the legend grows

It’s David Ayres Day today in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ayres, as even many non-hockey fans would be able to tell you by now, came out of the stands–a 42-year-old guy who should be playing in a beer league somewhere–to play »

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A hockey name that will live forever: David Ayres

Memorable moments in sports come in all shapes and sizes. You have, of course, the big play, the big goal, the big homer, the big touchdown. And then you have the other kind. The Walter Mitty kind. One of those »