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Kingston activists not happy with direction prison farms are headed

Maybe all that appears to glitter ain’t necessarily the gold it was touted to be. Case in point: a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a story about the reopening of two prison farms in Kingston, Ontario. Seemed pretty straight »

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New study finds much higher methane release from oil and gas fracking

The environmental “footprint” of fracking and the oil and gas industry is about to change dramatically, and not for the better. A new study by the environmental group David Suzuki Foundation and St Francis Xavier University, shows about 50 percent »

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Stop being scared of Trump presidency, keep on fighting for environment: Suzuki

The world should stop fretting about deciphering Donald Trump’s often contradictory statements on the environment and on a multitude of other policy issues, and get on with its own agenda, says one of Canada’s most prominent environmental activists. “We have »

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Noted nationalist and author Mel Hurtig dead at 84

Mel Hurtig, a prolific writer and ardent Canadian nationalist, has died at the age of 84. Surrounded by his four daughters, Hurtig passed away Wednesday of pneumonia at a Vancouver hospital. Likely best known as the publisher of “The Canadian »

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Canada ‘must’ review pesticides banned in Europe

It’s been a three-year legal battle but environmental groups in Canada are claiming a victory. In 2013, the groups Equiterre and The David Suzuki Foundation launched a suit saying the federal government had an obligation to review 350 pesticides and »

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David Suzuki (PhD) at 80: a lifetime of science and environmentalism

He is perhaps Canada’s best known crusader for the environment. David Suzuki (PhD) a renowned geneticist, many years ago morphed into a committed environmentalist. He is extremely well-known in Canada for his many years hosting the national television science show, »