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History Canada: Dec. 11, 1931, Canada becomes a sovereign nation

(public comments on RCI stories may take 24 h to appear if approved) Largely unknown and unrecognised by the vast majority of Canadians, Statute of Westminster Day is nonetheless a hugely important day in Canada’s history as a nation. The »

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World Oceans Day: June 8

It’s a day to reflect on what humanity’s combined effects have been, and continue to be, on the vital oceans of the world. It was a day first proposed by Canada in 1992, and since proclaimed by the United Nations. »

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National Flag Day: Celebrating Canada’s Maple Leaf flag

Today Canada celebrates its flag, the red and white Maple Leaf. It is also one of the youngest flags having been officially raised for the first time in a chilly ceremony in front of Canada’s Parliament, on February 15, 1965. »

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Leader marks Aboriginal Day at sunrise ritual

Today is Canada’s 20th annual National Aboriginal Day and to mark it Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended a sunrise ritual wearing moccasins and a buckskin jacket. These belonged to his father, the late and former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau »

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Groundhog Day in Canada once again.

It’s become a tradition, silly sure, but a fun event in the midst of winter.  It’s the annual rodent weather forecasting phenomenon.  Every February 2nd, it’s “groundhog day” in Canada. Canada being a huge country, there are several groundhog (marmot) »