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Canadian author Graeme Gibson dead at 85

Canada’s literary community is mourning the death of author, writers’ rights champion and conservationist Graeme Gibson. Publisher Penguin Random House Canada said Wednesday Gibson has died at the age of 85. “We are devastated by the loss of Graeme, our» 

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Deaths, illness raise the issue of youth vaping and marketing to young people

A handful of deaths and hundreds of reports of lung illness in the U.S. has greatly raised concern over the practice of vaping among young people. The recent deaths and illnesses have caused U.S President Trump to weigh in on» 

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Vaping concerns in Canada after U.S. deaths, illness

E-cigarettes and vaping, was supposed to be a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, and even help wean people off tobacco. In fact, cigarette smoking among youth appears to be on the rise, and vaping has increased dramatically according to public» 

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Digital life and real life, the first lingers long after you’ve gone

Most of us probably have never thought about it. We have perhaps often heard that anything put on the internet is there forever, but that of course means it’s all still there after you are not. A legacy is what» 

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UN seeks 50% reduction in snakebite deaths and disabilities

The World Health Organization (WHO) has rolled out a strategy to halve the number of fatalities and cases of disability caused by snakebites over the next 12 years. Up to 2.7 million people are bitten by potentially poisonous snakes annually» 


Canadian dies in zipline accident in Thailand

The Bangkok Post reports that a 25-year-old Canadian tourist died in Thailand after he fell from a zipline on April 20, 2019. The newspaper identified him as Spencer Charles who had travelled to Chiang Mai with his girlfriend in a» 

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Poor diet responsible for 1 in 5 deaths: study

A new study found that people in 195 countries are not eating enough good foods and that may cause more deaths than smoking tobacco. Researchers say there is an urgent need for improving human diet across nations and that could» 

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Worldwide surge in measles alarms UNICEF

The United Nations charity, UNICEF, warns that cases of measles are surging around the world posing a growing threat to children. In Canada, eight cases of the potentially deadly disease were reported from the beginning of the year to February» 

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Medically assisted dying in Canada: seeking better rules

The issue of assisted dying in Canada has long been a very delicate one, for all involved including politicians, the legal system, medical staff and of course the individuals. The latest case involved a Nova Scotia woman who had been» 

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China invokes death sentence for a Canadian

A Canadian in jail in China on drug charges has now been sentenced to death. Already in jail on drug trafficking charges, 36-year-old Robert Schellenberg was retried this week and had is original 15 year sentenced increased to the death»