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Canada remembers Prince Philip as ‘a man of great purpose,’ says Trudeau

The thoughts of Canadians are with Queen Elizabeth and the royal family as they mourn the passing of Prince Philip on Friday, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was 99 and was the longest-serving royal »


Canada recorded over 13,000 excess deaths according Statistics Canada report

Over 13,000 excess deaths were recorded in Canada during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to provisional figures Statistics Canada published in a report on Wednesday. According to the report, from January 2020 to mid-December 2020, there were »

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Canadians wary of long-term care: survey

Three-quarters of Canadians think the high number of deaths in long-term care (LTC) homes during the COVID-19 pandemic could have been reduced if governments had acted sooner, according to a recent survey. Since the start of the pandemic, the virus »

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Urgent, alcohol-related hospital visits predict death risk: study

People who go to a hospital emergency department (ED) because of alcohol use have a greater risk of death, according to a study done in the Canadian province of Ontario. And the more times they go for this reason, the »

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Indigenous leader Max Gros-Louis dead at 89

Tributes have poured in after the death of former Grand Chief Max Gros-Louis, known as a champion of Indigenous rights. Gros-Louis led the Huron-Wendat First Nation in the province of Quebec for a total of 33 years. He died at »


Beloved wife of former Prime Minister dies at age 84

Aline Chretien, (nee Chaîné) died peacefully on Saturday at age 84 at her residence in Shawinigan Quebec.  Although never in the political limelight, she played a critical role in the political life of her husband and in many of his political »


Overdose deaths spike amid coronavirus situation

COVID isolation and restrictions suspected as contributing factors While most attention from politicians and media worldwide has been focussing on the COVID-19 situation, another health and societal crisis has been growing. This involves use and deaths from opioids and fentanyl. »

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Canada passes a grim COVID-19 milestone

The figures are harsh and the heartache–both collective and personal–is likely worse than most Canadians ever imagined. The coronavirus is relentless. So are the repercussions and the crises the monster brings, and Canada has now passed a grim milestone. Canada »

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Canada History: Apr. 7. 1973 – Death in Vietnam, peace accord farce

It was on this day in 1973 that a Canadian military officer was killed by North Vietnamese forces. The Vietnam war is a well-known, well documented, and well mythologised period in modern history. During the course of the war about »

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Second endangered blue whale found dead in Gulf of St. Lawrence: DFO

A second endangered blue whale was found in the Gulf of St. Lawrence last month, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans confirmed Tuesday. A cargo ship initially reported seeing the blue whale carcass on Sept. 7 and the sighting was »