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Study shows brisk walk may ease a form of dementia

A brisk walk appears to improve brain function in people who have cognitive impairment related to diseased blood vessels, according to a recent study. So-called vascular cognitive impairment is the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. It »

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Early detection of possible dementia: simply walking and talking at the same time

It’s a simple test, but it turns out that it’s also a fairly effective one. Patients with mild-cognitive disorder are being asked to walk a short distance while performing a very simple mental task such as naming various animals. Dr. »

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Seniors’ homes must change to handle increasing rates of dementia

Every year, over 1,000 seniors in long-term residential care are victimized by aggressive fellow residents or harmed by neglect. Some abuse derives from the fact that more people in seniors’ residences have some form of cognitive impairment. The case of »

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Living near busy roads linked to dementia

A new study has found that people who live near major roads with heavy traffic have a higher risk of dementia. This suggests that air pollution from vehicle exhaust might be a factor in this type of neurological disease. Researchers »

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Didn’t realize you had a stroke, greater risk of dementia?

Many Canadians may not realize they have had a stroke and are at greater risk of developing dementia, warns a Heart and Stroke Foundation report. Having had a stroke more than doubles the risk of getting dementia and the foundation »

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Attitudes towards dementia need change: group

There are many misconceptions and outdated attitudes towards dementia, says Mary Schulz, education director at the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The society has just kicked off a social-media campaign to reduce the stigma around the disease. Stigma can be worse »

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Early flu shots may stave off other illnesses

Getting the flu and other respiratory illnesses might cause inflammation which later may contribute to dementia, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, according to a recent study. Campaigns are on now across Canada to try to convince people to get their annual »