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Calls for banks to help during and after pandemic

The government and all national political parties are urged to do more to help Canadians and small businesses and to pay “their fair share of taxes.” The call is launched by the advocacy group Democracy Watch and more than 100,000 »

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Canada urged to toughen whistleblower protection

An international report has ranked Canada tied for last out of 62 countries when it comes to whistleblower protection and Democracy Watch is calling for change. The non-profit advocacy group wants the Canadian government to strengthen protection for everyone in »

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Banks must do more to help, say citizens

A citizen’s group is calling on the Canadian government to oblige Canada’s big six banks to do more to help people and businesses during and after the coronavirus crisis. Democracy Watch called for change on behalf of more than 95,000 »

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Improve whistleblower protection, urges group

Canada needs to strengthen the protection it provides to people who warn of wrongdoing. The federal government is currently reviewing its law that protects whistleblowers in the federal public sector, and the advocacy group Democracy Watch is calling for substantial »

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Pricey political fund-raising events called undemocratic

The advocacy group Democracy Watch is waging a vigorous campaign against political fundraising events which people can pay to attend and thereby get access to top cabinet ministers and leaders. These have occurred at the federal government level as well »