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Chinese Canadians react to Hong Kong extradition law

Huge crowds continue to demonstrate in Hong Kong over a proposal to enable extradition to China. Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents continue to protest over fears of the implications of the proposed bill.  They say it could mean» 

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Canadians too will march for science

Rallies in Canada will be among 500 events happening around the world on April 22 in support of science. The marches were triggered by the new U.S. administration’s denial of climate change and the removal of information on the subject from the» 

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National Day Of Action to stop Canada’s proposed anti-terrorism law, C-51

Demonstrations are planned in at least 56 communities across Canada on Saturday (March 14) to stop the Canadian government’s proposed anti-terrorism law, C-51. Organizers are concerned that the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015, Bill C-51, will dramatically widen the powers of Canadian» 


Montreal city council rejects amendment of protest bylaw

Montreal city council voted down a motion Tuesday night (April 23) to amend the controversial protest Bylaw P-6. The bylaw makes it illegal for demonstrators to wear masks and allows police to declare a protest illegal if the route is»