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Quantic Dream opening up new video game studio in Montreal

The Paris-based video game developer Quantic Dream is opening a new development studio in Montreal. In a press release published on Tuesday, Quantic Dream said that Montreal was an obvious place to expand to because the city has for many »

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Canada’s protected areas aren’t necessarily where they’re most needed: Study

While creating environmental protected areas is seen as beneficial and increasingly necessary for a number of reasons, a new study shows that our protected parks don’t really protect those areas providing benefits to Canadian society such as fresh water sources »

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National Inuit organization outlines priorities for 2019 election

Social infrastructure to deal with the mental health crisis affecting Inuit communities, housing, renewable energy and climate action, a partnership with the Crown and sustainable economic development of Canada’s Arctic regions are among the priorities for federal parties unveiled Friday »


Fewer babies sleep through the night than people may think: study

People in Canada and the western world tend to think babies should sleep through the night by the time they are six months to 12 months old. But a study out of McGill University found that many do not and »

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Supreme Court landmark decisions on development-indigenous rights

It’s been a three-year battle for the mostly Inuit communities of Baffin Island, but today they’ve won their battle at the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court of Canada has cancelled plans for seismic oil and gas exploration »

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Supreme Court to decide on huge Peel wilderness watershed

It’s an area in Canada’s Yukon territory that is twice the size of Belgium, or one and a half times the size of Switzerland. The Peel watershed is about 68,000 square kilometres of wilderness, largely untouched with no permanent settlements »

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Public to be consulted on national wilderness parks

By law, Canada’s minister responsible must hold a round table on Parks Canada every two years, but this minister has decided to broaden that and hold public consultation sessions across the country. A chance ‘to share…concerns and excitement’ “That’s quite »

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Three-quarters of world significantly changed by humans

An international team of researchers has mapped where human activity has had the most impact on the natural environment leading to a “biodiversity crisis.” Results were surprising and there was some cause for optimism. ‘Human footprint maps’ were developed to »

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Caribou or development? Question debated in Arctic

For years there has been concern about the rapidly declining caribou herds across the country. According to World Wildlife Fund-Canada, The Bathurst herd in the Northwest Territories, (NWT) for example, has dropped from 472,000 individuals in 1987 to 35,000 in »

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RCI at international conference “Arctic Frontiers”

With issues like global warming, the melting of Arctic ice, and the search for more resources, the Arctic is becoming increasingly important. Arctic Frontiers is an annual international conference to discuss such matters and find common ground and solutions. this »