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Calls to protect one of the last “old growth” forests in Quebec

The northern areas of Canada while very sparsely populated are nonetheless the site of much activity by resource companies. In northern Quebec, which holds an absolutely huge expanse of the boreal forest, one of the last “untouched” forests is in »

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Canada’s foreign aid spending is ‘relatively low’ and ‘declining’, concedes government

In a confidential briefing memo prepared for International Development Minister Christian Paradis and obtained by the Canadian Press, Canada’s government recognizes that it is falling considerably short when it comes to investing in foreign aid. While the United Nations’ target »

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Canada and the Arctic: less talk, more action.

Fen Hampson is the co-author of several books, and articles on Canadian sovereignty, foreign policy, domestic  and international  security, trade and other geopolitical issues. His latest book is called Brave New Canada Meeting the Challenge of a Changing World. In »

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Future Arctic, how the north affects the world

While many people have heard of changes happening in the Arctic over the past few short decades, one man has been seeing them happen first hand. Edmonton, Alberta-based author, journalist, photographer Ed Struzik had spent some 35 years on scientific »

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North-South Institute holds international conference on governing Africa’s natural resources

This Thursday and Friday (May 9-10) Canada’s North South Institute is hosting an international forum titled Governing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development. The Institute, which focuses on international development around the world, has invited senior Canadian and African policymakers and »