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Fish farming controversy over massive salmon die-off

The fact is that a huge number of farmed Atlantic salmon died last month in pens in Newfoundland. After that it gets murky as the company Northern Harvest Sea Farms, owned by Norwegian aquaculture giant Mowi, say the problem and »

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Beekeepers report massive winter losses

Concern for crop pollination It could be the worst year on record for beekeepers in much of Canada. The Ontario Beekeepers Association reports that among Ontario’s 3,000 beekeepers about 900 beekeepers responded to a survey showing seven in ten said »

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Building a better Canadian honey bee

Canadian beekeepers have been seeing substantial and above average die-offs of bees over the winter during the past several years. The beekeepers have been complaining that farmer’s increased use of neonicotinoid pesticides have been a strong factor in this loss »