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Get kids to help with meal preparation, urge dietitians

Almost half of Canadians surveyed say they find it challenging to eat a balanced diet when they are busy and the country’s dietitians are trying to help. March is Nutrition Month and Dietitians of Canada are promoting good food saying »

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Government seeks to boost healthy eating habits

Canada’s Health Minister announced plans to change its official food guide, change labelling rules and restrict the marketing of junk food to children. In an address to the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, she announced the start of a consultation process to »

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Dietitians set a 100-meal challenge

Dietitian Christy Brissette says one small change sustained over 100 meals can improve eating habits. © www.80twentynutrition.com The sad truth is too many Canadians eat badly, and the Dietitians of Canada are on a campaign to change that. March is Nutrition »

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Task Force: Family doctors need to monitor patient weight gain

The Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care has issued a new report on obesity. The report notes that two-thirds of the Canadian population is now considered overweight or obese, nearly triple the number it was in the 1970’s Dietitian »