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Ontario to experiment with ‘digital’ wallet

Canada’s most populous province is launching a plan to have various provincial identifications and services go ‘virtual’. The idea is part of what the provincial government’s :Ontario Onwards’ programme. and the “COVID-19 Action plan for a People Focused Government” There »


Toronto International Film Festival to go on as physical and digital event

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which is dedicated to showcasing the best of international and Canadian cinema, is going to have digital events, such as screenings, talks, and press conferences in addition to physical and drive in screenings, according »


Quebec releases online learning service while schools remain closed

Quebec’s Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge announced earlier today the launch of a bilingual online learning service for parents and children to use from home while schools remain closed during the COVID-19 outbreak. The service, called Open School, or L’École »

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Digital life and real life, the first lingers long after you’ve gone

Most of us probably have never thought about it. We have perhaps often heard that anything put on the internet is there forever, but that of course means it’s all still there after you are not. A legacy is what »

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Game teaches online privacy to children

A non-profit digital literacy organization has developed a new game to teach children how to protect their privacy in a fun way. Recent news about Facebook has made people aware that their private information is being mined and used extensively »

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Another internet blow to print newspapers

One of Canada’s most prestigious and national newspapers, the Globe and Mail, has announced it will no longer offer print copies in Canada’s maritime provinces. Citing the trend of people getting their news online, the paper said print papers will »

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New book about ‘analog’, the comeback kid

Radio was supposed to replace newspapers, Tv would replace radio, video would replace tv, and digital replace them all including vinyl records and cssettes Not only has that not happened, but in his new book David Sax says many analog »


Newspapers seek government help to go digital

Several newspapers in the province of Quebec have banded together to ask that the government set up a fund to help them shift to digital, reports Canadian Press. The newspapers are suffering from a steep decline in revenues, because so »

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Increase farm yields, reduce environmental impact: Food from Thought Initiative

The federal government is injecting substantial money into research intended to spur development of new technologies in farm practices. The basic idea is to achieve greater yields from crops and farmed animals while at the same time reducing the environmental »

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Canada urged to fight ISIS online

ISIS is using the internet as a weapon of war and Canada needs to fight back online, say digital security experts. “If we really want to defeat the group, if we want to weaken its ability to attract new foreign »