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Mysterious Havana syndrome- Diplomats sue federal government

It’s a bizarre, very mysterious, and possibly top secret incident. A number of Canadian diplomats and family members serving at the Canadian embassy in Havana, Cuba, experienced unexplained illnesses and evidence of brain injury. It’s become known as “Havana syndrome”. »

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New leader unleashes Canadian diplomats

Newly-installed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has signalled an end to the previous Canadian government’s tight control over its foreign diplomats. The former prime minister imposed strict message control insisting that speeches and meetings be approved by his office, issuing talking »

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Politics Today – September 29, 2013

On this edition of Politics Today RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda focuses on the criticism by 18 former Canadian diplomats, cabinet ministers, and foreign affairs experts of the Canadian government’s attitude towards the United Nations. He also deals with Canada’s delaying of »

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Government claims ‘bad faith’ ruling of labour board is ‘unreasonable’ – diplomats’ strike

A labour relations board “erred in law” and “rendered an unreasonable decision” when it ruled the Canadian government failed to bargain in “good faith” with striking diplomats according to a request for a review of the ruling which was sent »

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Board rules Canadian government bargaining in bad faith with striking diplomats

Canada’s Public Service Labour Relations Board has ruled the Canadian government has been bargaining in bad faith in its negotiations with striking diplomats. It says the government “violated its duty to bargain collectively in good faith and make every reasonable effort to »

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Canadian diplomacy must adapt says former diplomat Daryl Copeland

Former Canadian diplomat Daryl Copeland calls diplomacy the world’s second oldest profession, and is convinced more than ever before it, rather than military solutions, is the best approach to dealing with issues such as climate change, pandemic diseases, and food »

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Politics Today – July 28, 2013

On this edition of Politics Today RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda focusses on the Council of the Federation, a three day meeting of the premiers of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories. The premiers voiced frustration at the lack of cooperation from »

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Government and diplomats, discussions on binding arbitration fall apart

Withdrawal Monday of services at 15 of Canada’s largest visa processing centres abroad. Late Friday afternoon (July 26) the talks between Canada’s government and its diplomats on binding arbitration fell apart. A press release statement from the minister responsible, Treasury »

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Canadian government agrees to diplomats’ offer of binding arbitration

Update July 26 – Talks to start binding arbitration fall apart, see details here July 23 – The Canadian government has agreed to binding arbitration with its striking diplomats, according to a statement released by federal cabinet minister Tony Clement. »

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Politics Today – June 16, 2013

On this edition of Politics Today RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda focuses on the continuing issue of Senate expense claims, the cheque made out by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former Chief of Staff Nigel Wright to Conservative Senator Mike Duffy, and an »