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Ancient hyenas used to roam Canadian Arctic: study

When we think of hyenas, we usually picture them in the savannah or in a dry environment surrounded by lions or elephants, but this has not always been the case. Thanks to new research, we now know with certainty that» 

The research involved mouse brains in development, here showing over 62,000 individual cells of the cerebellum. Being able to locate and target the individual cells which can become “cells of lineage” for tumours means the ability to eventually develop treatment. Here the mouse cerebellum cells are shown in development pre- and post birth. (Maria Vladoui, Ibrahim El-Hamami, Laura Donovan)

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Canadian research into childhood brain cancer- new discovery

Brain tumours are the leading cause of non-accidental death in children. Tragically there is little that can be done once the cancer begins such that a majority of cases are fatal. Unfortunately as well, little is known about these cancers» 

Using mouse models and human cadaver spines, new research in Canada advances knowledge of a spinal disease "DISH" (University of Western Ontario)

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 Canadian research toward unlocking a common back pain disease

If you’re a man over age 50, you have about a one in four chance of developing a particular type of spinal condition resulting in stiffness, reduced movement, and moderate to severe back pain. Professor Cheryle Séguin (PhD) is assistant» 

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Encephalitis: Researchers discover previously unknown cause

The disease is basically an inflammation of the brain wcich can be caused by a number of things from bacteria to viral infections to auto-immune response.  It can often be successfully treated but sometimes still proves fatal. In spite of» 

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Fossil of one of the world’s oldest fish species reveals new insight

66-100 million year old fossil The hagfish is a bottom dweller feeding on things like dead marine life.  The eel-like fish is an ancient survivor from millions of years ago. Besides being ugly, they have the unique defence mechanism of» 

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A new previously unknown branch on the tree of life discovered

Canadian researchers have discovered an entirely new organism that is like no other. The microbe is a single, but complex cell organism, and is like no other previously known organism. Therefore it has its own unique branch on the tree» 

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Dinosaurs, sea monsters, and ancient insects

The University of British Columbia now has a rare ancient sea monster to amaze visitors to its Pacific Museum of the Earth. The 13 metre long creature lived in what was known as the Western Interior Seaway, a giant sea» 

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Fairly tale story: dull basement painting worth a fortune

Small sketch sells for many times estimated price. It was a small and dusty old painting that the owner thought wasn’t so great, and certainly not by a now world-renowned deceased artist. Tom Thomson is the iconic Canadian wilderness painter» 

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Amazing discovery under high Arctic ice

During a recent research study in the high Arctic, a very surprising and very unexpected discovery was made on Devon Island. Deep below the huge ice cap, they found two large lakes. What is more unusual, the lakes are salty.» 

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World’s oldest water- even older!

In 2013, researchers from the University of Toronto discovered what they thought was the world’s oldest water deep under a mine in northern Ontario. The Kidd Creek Mine near Timmins in northern Ontario is over 2.5 kilometers deep and is»