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Alleged discrimination for not being “gay”, court orders new hearing

A worker who claims he was discriminated against because he was not gay, will get a new hearing. Aaren Jagadeesh alleges that he was often passed over for promotion at a major Canadian bank because of his heterosexual orientation. He »

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Bias, discrimination prevent people getting obesity care: study

Science shows that obesity is a chronic disease like diabetes or cancer, yet people living with it are being told “they did this to themselves, and that they don’t deserve to be supported,” says Dr. Arya Sharma, the scientific director »

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Cashless stores: Discrimination?

In this increasingly digital world and corporate push towards digital-paperless transactions such as billings, payments and so on, it seems cash itself is under threat. Quite a number of stores are going “cashless”, but while many perceive that as progress, »


Majority of young Canadian women experience discrimination: survey

A survey of females between the ages of 14 and 24 found that 75 per cent reported having experienced gender-based discrimination.The online survey commissioned by  Plan International Canada also found 66 per cent of respondents had a friend who had »

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Fat-shaming by medical staff decried by dying woman

Several posts to an obituary for Ellen Maud Bennett express support and admiration for her final message that “women of size” stand up against weight discrimination by the medical profession. Bennett was a 64-year-old cancer patient and the obituary says »

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Federal government to invest $52M in fighting racism, discrimination and prejudice

With an eye towards the rising tide of populist movements and xenophobia around the world, the Liberal government announced Wednesday it is investing nearly $52 million over three years in community projects and events designed to foster diversity and eliminate »

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The importance of the genetic non-discrimination act

Protecting your right to your genetic information In 2017 Canada passed the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, to protect people from being discriminated against over revelations of their genetic information from lab testing and any possible anomalies or mutations. Such discrimination could be »


City of Vancouver to apologize to Chinese community

The mayor of the western city of Vancouver will apologize on April 22, 2018 for past discrimination against citizens of Chinese descent. In 2015, the premier of the province of British Columbia apologized for racist and discriminatory policies to this »

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Montreal hospital investigates linguistic “incident”

No French? No treatment. Man claims he was insulted and belittled by Francophone doctor An incident at a hospital in the mainly French speaking province of Quebec is making news, but not in a good way. A Polish-Canadian resident in »

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Major League Baseball in Ontario Court today

Alleged racist sports team names, logos challenged Lawyers from Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Cleveland Indians team will plead their case in Ontario Divisional Court today over the team name and mascot/logo. In 2016, the Cleveland Indians baseball team »