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Cuban vacation: Canadian warns of rare disease to be aware of

“Cave disease” Canadians, and many others, love to go to warm southern vacation destinations to escape less than enjoyable seasonal weather at home. A Newfoundland couple were overjoyed to have won a trip to Cuba in April. Instead of coming» 

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Study: No alcohol level is “safe”

Global study on alcohol consumption Bad news for beer lovers, wine lovers, and those who like a wee dram of whisky and other spirits, even moderation is apparently not ok. The study was published today in the British medical journal» 

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World’s deadliest modern epidemic: 100 years ago

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, and ceremonies in countries around the world continue to commemorate that historic date. But it was also 100 years ago that a disease swept across the world» 

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Multi-million dollar donation to help Montreal research into infection and immune threats  

$15 million donation will speed research – make Montreal a leader in infectious and immune disease research Antibiotic resistance, also known as creating “superbugs” is already a critical and too often deadly health issue, and one that is increasing. In» 

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Wild salmon threatened by salmon farming, say top chefs

More than 50 top chefs in the western province of British Columbia are asking for the termination of net-pen salmon farms off Canada’s Pacific coast. They and leading environmental scientist David Suzuki argue the farms are a threat to wild» 


Rabbit show cancelled due to deadly virus

A hemorrhagic virus has killed hundreds of feral rabbits on the western island of Vancouver and fears of infection have prompted a prominent rabbit club to postpone its 100th anniversary show originally scheduled for June. The Vancouver Island Rabbit Breeders» 

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Canada plays a key role in Ebola vaccine

Canadian and Chinese researchers worked together on a new vaccine to fight the Ebola virus which claimed more than 10,000 lives in West Africa four years ago. The vaccine was recently approved by Chinese regulators and the National Research Council» 

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A first in Canada: major advance for patients with severe heart problems

For those undergoing treatment for heart failure there’s a new advantage in health care treatment. A patient in Montreal has undergone the first operation in Canada in conjunction with a new technology for a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator (CRT-D). This» 

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Potentially huge breakthrough in treating infections

Canadian researchers have made what holds promise as an enormous advance in fighting infections. Teams in Toronto (Sick Kids Hospital/U of T)  and Montreal combined their skills to develop a way to break through microbial defences, their “biofilm” which has» 

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Over 24 million children at risk, says UNICEF

The United Nations children’s agency, UNICEF, says that violence and conflict in the Middle East and North Africa have put in jeopardy the health of 24 million children. Most at risk are children in Yemen, Syria, the Gaza Strip, Iraq,»