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Air pollution- a silent pandemic

As the world fights a battle with the Covid-19 virus, researchers point out that deaths from air pollution constitute a lesser realised but very serious chronic threat worse than most diseases. Researchers estimate that some 8.8 million premature deaths annually »

L-R: Vincenzo Morello, Levon Sevunts, Marc Montgomery

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The LINK Online Feb 14.15.16, 2020

Your hosts today, Levon Sevunts, Vincenzo Morello,Marc Montgomery (video of show at bottom Canada plans to support ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic shipping Environmentalists have long been concerned about shipping in the Arctic using heavy fuel oil (HFO) »

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Climate change, human activities, and increasing disease exposure

Its seems that as climate changes, particularly warming in the northern hemisphere, new diseases are also appearing to infect humans. But climate change is not the only reason Dr Courtney Howard (MD, CCFP-EM) is president of the Canadian Association of »

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Concerns about a new respiratory virus as it turns deadly

China has reported about 200 cases of a new coronavirus originating in the city of Wuhan  which has caused the deaths of six people so far. It also is now reportedly spread from person to person, vastly increasing concerns. The »

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DNA and disease, not necessarily related, not an accurate predictor

A new analysis of hundreds of studies covering two decades of studies related to genetics and about 200 diseases. The result may come as a surprise to many.  It finds, in most cases, little correlation between a genetic mutation and »

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Newly identified threat from e-cigarettes, vaping

It was one of Canada’s first cases of lung problems associated with “vaping”. Now doctors have released findings to show this may be the first case of a different and potentially deadly illness associated with e-cigarette use which differs from »

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Sniffer dogs now detecting crop disease

We know that dogs have a vastly superior sense of smell compared to humans.  They have up to 300 million olfactory sensors in the nose compared to our roughly six million. The part of their brain which analyses smell is »

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Seeking answers to a complicated worldwide parasite

Unique Canadian research effort It’s a microscopic parasite you probably haven’t heard of even though it’s very common. Toxoplasma gondii. (T.gondii), which causes toxoplasmosis, infects one-third of the world’s population.  Over 90 percent of women of childbearing age are at »

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Deaths, illness raise the issue of youth vaping and marketing to young people

A handful of deaths and hundreds of reports of lung illness in the U.S. has greatly raised concern over the practice of vaping among young people. The recent deaths and illnesses have caused U.S President Trump to weigh in on »

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Cuban vacation: Canadian warns of rare disease to be aware of

“Cave disease” Canadians, and many others, love to go to warm southern vacation destinations to escape less than enjoyable seasonal weather at home. A Newfoundland couple were overjoyed to have won a trip to Cuba in April. Instead of coming »