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Government highlights past shame to promote diversity, openness

The Canadian government has made a point of marking the incident of the Komagata Maru to “remind us that Canada is made stronger by our diversity and spirit of openness.” After two months docked in Vancouver, the Komagata Maru was »

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Government to test for hiring bias based on name

The Canadian government has launched a project to find out if hiding a person’s name changes their chances when applying for jobs in the public service. Six government departments will participate in the test including those responsible for defence, environment »

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New judges bring more diversity to Nova Scotia courts

People discouraged by the backward steps facing women and minorities under the new U.S. Trump administration can take some consolation from what is going on Canada. For example, the eastern province of Nova Scotia has just appointed a black woman »

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Alberta government marks Day of Dead

For the first time, the government of the western province of Alberta will join with its Mexican and Latin American communities to mark the Day of the Dead today. This celebration of loved ones who have died goes back hundreds »


The Supreme Court needs diversity, say lawyers

There is a vacancy on the Supreme Court of Canada and several lawyers say it should be filled by someone from a visible minority. No indigenous person or other visible minority has ever been appointed to the nine-member bench. ‘It’s »

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Diversity on stage good for all: opera star

Racism “is a barrier. It’s a difficulty. It’s something that has to be broken down. And, once it’s broken down, it’s much more beneficial to all of society,” says Mark S. Doss, a Grammy-award-winning opera singer based in Toronto. Doss has »