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Nadia’s Journey 2.0: interview with filmmaker Nadia Zouaoui

Award winning Montreal-based filmmaker Nadia Zouaoui is no stranger to controversy. She has a knack for finding subjects for her films that engender debate, force the viewer to question long-held beliefs, confront and shatter stereotypes. But she does all that» 

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Documentary: Quebec- My Country/Mon Pays

It’s perhaps hard for those in countries outside Canada to understand why a significant segment of the population in the mainly French-speaking province of Quebec want the province to become its own sovereign nation. It’s actually hard for most Canadians» 

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Former Nunavut commissioner’s Swedish roots to be subject of documentary film

Nearly a century after Swedish explorer and fur trader Petter Norberg left his homeland for a life of adventure in Canada’s Arctic, his descendants finally reunited in Kugluktuk, Nunavut this week. Former Nunavut Commissioner Edna Elias, the great-grand-daughter of Petter Norberg,»