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‘Picture a Farmer’: new documentary to dispel farming myths

The fact is that most people give very little thought to where their food comes from, or who’s producing it. Filmmaker Kelsey van Moorsel is from a farming background in Alberta and found that many people in the urban centres »

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Documentary: Breaking Loneliness

Being lonely in a world of people has sometimes been labelled an epidemic in modern society. Brandy Yanchyck explored loneliness in a new documentary that looks at how some people have found new meaning, purpose and the needed personal connections »

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Documentary film explores Italy’s old Left in Canada

What do a chef, a union organizer and a butcher do when they get together in a bar? While it sounds like the premise for a great joke, chef Giovanni Adamo, labour organizer Francesco di Feo and butcher Salvatore Martire »

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Video documentary series: The wonders of gardens and gardening

It seems gardening does something to people who do it…something …nice. A new five-part documentary series is called Ageless Gardens Ian Toews of the award-winning 291 Film Company is the director and producer. He is based in Victoria British Columbia The »


Film about the massive Halifax explosion airs Dec 3

The Halifax explosion was one of the worst man made explosions in history and a new documentary about it airs this Sunday, a few days before the 100th anniversary of this calamitous event. On December 6, 1917, two ships collided »

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ARTS-Doc film: THE TAMING OF THE QUEUE” by Josh Freed

You line up at the cash register, line up for service, and for this and for that. You wait on the telephone after being put on hold, you wait in traffic jams, you wait and wait, and nobody, or almost »

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Red foxes spread to cities, make good neighbours: documentary

A new documentary features beautiful shots of red foxes and rare footage of newborn pups in their dens. The film called Fox Tales aired on the public broadcaster, CBC, last week and it shows red foxes spreading around the globe. »

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Grizzly Truth: trophy hunting, money, conservation, tourism

The Grizzly Truth. Yes it’s about bears, magnificent, huge, powerful bears. But they’re not the unpredictable killing machines so often portrayed, nor are there even that many of them left. A new documentary looks at the various myths, and the »

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New film: the wildlife living in your home.

You keep a clean and tidy suburban house, and you’re proud of it. But in spite of that, there’s a whole world of creatures that like your house too. Toronto-based filmmaker Roberto Verdecchia of 52 Media wrote and directed “The »

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Arts- Documentary : Once an immigrant

Peter Keleghan is a very successful Canadian TV and screen actor. He calls himself an “uber Canadian”, immensely proud of his country and what it stands for. To him it represents the chance for all newcomers to leave behind the »