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COVID-19: Sniffer dogs for detection?

Testing underway in U.K. While vast efforts are being made around the world for technology to quickly test fof the SARS CoV-2 virus, there may be a faster and less expensive way for early detection. It is well-known that dogs »

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Sniffer dogs now detecting crop disease

We know that dogs have a vastly superior sense of smell compared to humans.  They have up to 300 million olfactory sensors in the nose compared to our roughly six million. The part of their brain which analyses smell is »

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Declawing cats: Petition started against “cruel practice”

A campaign called “feline from head to claw” has been launched by the Montreal branch of the Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) It has created petition to get the Quebec veterinarians society (OMVQ) to issue a ban »

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Could cannabis help dog ailments?

With marijuana available to Canadians to relieve certain medical conditions, there is the possibility it could do the same for pets. Dr Sarah Silcox is President & Director of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine. Testing is now underway »


 Canada’s top dogs list

There’s a new breed making the top ten list of most popular dog breeds in Canada. The Canadian Kennel Club is the main  registry for purebred dogs in the country and they’ve just released their “top ten” list gathered from »

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National police train dogs with human remains

Two dog teams have been trained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to detect human remains. Several others teams will learn the program too. The RCMP is the only Canadian police force using real human remains for training purposes. »

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Barking mad! Angry dog owners vs. Quebec’s new law.

Protesters to gather on Saturday in Montreal It’s called Bill 158 and it’s a Quebec province-wide proposed law designed to crack down on so-called “dangerous dogs”. It comes after a series of incidents in the province in which dogs either »


No more “cosmetic” surgery for animals in Quebec

This month the mainly French –speaking province of Quebec will join seven other provinces in banning such practices as ear cropping and tail docking of dogs, horses, and cattle. Commonly practiced on certain breeds of dogs for example, tail docking »

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Dogs should not be treated like kids, rules judge

A divorcing woman in the western city of Saskatoon went to court to try to get custody of the couple’s dogs with visiting rights for her estranged husband. The judge was not amused, reports CBC’s Geoff Leo. When couples divorce »

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Free run dog park where dogs can’t bark

It may seem like a contradiction, but an off-leash dog park in Dartmouth Nova Scotia has installed signs telling people to stop their dogs from barking. The signs read “Courtesy Matters: “If your dog barks it can disturb neighbours and »