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Revelations of whale behaviour using drones

University of British Columbia researchers wanted to study feeding behaviour of two separate groups of killer whales. Although both groups live in similar environments on the west coast, both feeding on salmon and facing increased noise pollution, water pollution, disturbances »

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Drone attacks on Saudi oil installation: economic and geopolitical effect

Two Saudi oil refineries suffered a surprise attack on Saturday by drone or small cruise-type missiles. The U.S is blaming Iran and rattling its sabre. The regional Houthi rebels in Yemen however are claiming responsibility. World oil prices are affected, »

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Drone delivery advances another step

A Canadian drone company is already well on the way to a commercial delivery operation to a relatively remote community in Canada’s north. Indeed several companies are testing the feasability of using drones to deliver goods, not the least of »


Canada introduces new drone regulations

The federal government has adopted tough new regulations for the use of drones in Canadian airspace, banning drone flights near airports and emergency scenes, as well as operating them while drunk or high on drugs. The new regulations, which come »

a photo of a larger commercial type drone with camera

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New Drone Rules Coming for Canada

This past Christmas, literally thousands of small drones of various sizes and capabilities were given as gifts. Many companies, like real estate agencies, wedding photographers and others such as farmers, are using drones, commercially. These- especially larger ones- are also »

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Smuggling prison contraband takes another turn: drones

Smuggling contraband to confederates in prison must rank as one of the world’s oldest forms of smuggling. But if nothing else, it’s a skill that constantly needs an update. And it has. Gone is the traditional (and now discredited) file »

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New laws for recreational drone use

The small recreational drones have experienced rapid development and equally rapid popularity. In Canada, as elsewhere, there have been a number of incidents and accidents that have caused concern. People have been using them to spy into apartment buildings and »


Drones, prisons, contraband

With the growing popularity and sophistication of small drones, criminals are getting in on the act. The latest incident occurred at the Regina Correctional Centre in the prairie province of Saskatchewan Drew Wilby  executive director with the Ministry of Justice, »

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Delivery by air, drones take another step forward in Canada

A new company has been given approval by the federal agency controlling airspace, to begin test flights to deliver packages by drone. Transport Canada, Canada’s Federal regulatory body which is responsible for transportation policies and programs in Canada granted Drone »

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Commercial drones: risk and new insurance category

The increasing use of drones for business purposes has opened up a whole new area of concern for owners, and for insurance companies. Normal business insurance coverage would not include liability for the relatively new field of drone use.  To »