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Canadian police leaders call for public health approach for illicit drug use

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) recommended on Thursday that police agencies across the country recognize substance abuse and addiction as a public health issue, and that the federal government decriminalize the personal possession of illicit drugs. The »


Quebec’s health institute warns against use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

Quebec’s health institute has warned against using hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for patients who are suffering from a COVID-19, according to a statement released on Sunday.  The Institut National d’excellence en santé et en service sociaux, or INESSS, said that despite »

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COVID-19 cure? Major international efforts underway

Laboratories and researchers around the world are desperately working to find a cure for this new and deadly virus. As of Monday morning, there were at least 350,000 known cases of infection world-wide with more than 15,000 deaths according to »

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Drug needles for prisons: legal challenge

Challenge wants government to provide clean needles for addicts Both the law and the theory hold that drugs are illegal and not allowed in prison. In practice it’s a different story, and because of a scarcity of syringes in prison »

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Taking a different perspective on world drug problem

The respected and influential medical journal The Lancet, recently published a series of researched articles on the world illicit drug situations. The purpose was to begin to change the perceptions around illicit drug use and develop evidence-based policies in dealing »

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Opioid crisis: What effect from a major court decision against drug company

Every day people in Canada and the U.S. are dying from drug overdoses, most of which are connected to opioids. Now, an Oklahoma judge has made what is considered a landmark decision against a drug manufacturer holding them responsible. Johnson »

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Not just an opioid crisis, says Public Health

In relaying the latest figures on Canada’s ongoing opioid crisis, public health officials stated that the majority of opioid-related deaths between the start of 2016 and the end 2018 also involved one or more non-opioid substance such as alcohol, cocaine »

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Discovery of lingering effects of anti-depressants across generations

Researchers in Ottawa have been studying the effects of a common anti-depressant, Prozac, on the environment. When people take Prozac or other pharmaceuticals, some of it passes out of the body into sewage systems to waste treatment plants, and then »

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Rising pharmaceutical costs renew calls for solutions

Prescription drug costs are expected to cost Canadians over $33 billion dollars this year. A Toronto, Ontario doctor and researcher says it’s time for a “pharmacare” programme, among other solutions which could keep costs down. Dr Iris Gorfinkel (M.D.) is »

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Some drugs may be more expensive, less accessible due to trade deal

A provision in the recent trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the U.S. may delay competition and make it more difficult for Canadians to get access to an important class of drugs called biologics. These medications are made with living »